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Dave & Carolyn Hanks
Burley, Idaho

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These 500+ photographs are FREE for your use as we are not doing it for monetary gain. However, if used commercially, please identify the source: (www.davesnaturephotos.com). If additional photos are needed, you may contact me via E-mail.

We've put a tremendous amount of concerted effort into this enterprise and if it is beneficial to others, then we would feel that all that effort was for a positive purpose.

We have traveled in our pickup/camper extensively across both the United States and Canada. Most of the photos featured here were shot west of the Mississippi. Most of the birds were photographed in Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Oregon and California. Most of the big mammals were in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia. Most of the wildflowers were found in Rocky Mountain locations.

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About Us:

Carolyn and Dave are retired school teachers. She taught first grade and he was a high school Biology teacher, wrestling and football coach. Since retirement they have spent many hours in the field in pursuit of the earth's life-forms and natural wonders.

It may be said that wildlife photography is ever a love-affair. The photographer is in love with the subject. Photographers, like real hunters, are true animal lovers. But during the hours of the pursuit itself he is more than that, he is infatuated with the animal which he follows and means to make his own; nothing much besides it exists to him in the world.

-------(Isak Dinesen modified by D. Hanks)

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